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  1. The last goodbye: When Nicky Butt tried turning into David Beckham
  2. His Last Goodbye | Redlin Art Center
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Both editions are available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon now, and you can check out the tracklists below. Foreign audiences have been lapping the franchise up and global box office returns have been on par with, if not a tad higher than, their LOTR counterparts. Fire and Water 2.

The last goodbye: When Nicky Butt tried turning into David Beckham

Shores of the Long Lake 3. Beyond Sorrow and Grief Extended Version 4. Guardians of the Three Extended Version 5. The Ruins of Dale 6.

His Last Goodbye | Redlin Art Center

The Gathering of the Clouds Extended Version 7. Mithril 8. Bred for War 9. A Thief in the Night The Clouds Burst Battle for the Mountain. Disc: 2 1. The Darkest Hour 2. Sons of Durin 3. The Fallen 4. More Videos Emiliano Sala's body identified in plane wreckage.

See baby Archie's christening photos. Life during wartime in devastated Syrian city. Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria seized by Britain. Ruler's son dies mysteriously. Watch Italian volcano unleash violent explosion. Scores dead in airstrike on Libyan migrant camp. ISIS escapees become victims of sex trafficking.

El Salvador president takes blame for migrant deaths. US embassy: Condition of American detainee worsening. Arwa Damon: Scene in Syria is terrifying, hair-raising.

Lord of the Rings - Sound of The Shire

Protesters leave path of destruction in Hong Kong. Japan resumes commercial whaling amid backlash. Inside the government HQ overrun by protesters. Protesters clash with police in Hong Kong. At the age of 28, the Argentinian had just put the final touches to a multimillion dollar deal that would take his career to the next level in the English Premier League. After signing for Cardiff City, he returned to Nantes, to say farewell to the teammates that he had grown to consider family during his four-year stay at the French club. It was then that he posted the photo to social media with the caption: "La ultima ciao," meaning "the last goodbye.

After saying his farewell, he boarded an airplane bound for Cardiff and what he hoped would be the opportunity of a lifetime. Except since he left France, none of his family and friends have heard from him since the single turbine Piper Malibu he was flying in disappeared from radar near the Channel Islands just before p. ET Monday.

As authorities continue to search for the wreckage of the plane, those who know Sala have come forward to share their stories. While their tales vary, the themes remain consistent. They speak of a man who made time for others and one who had worked hard for his big opportunity in the sport. Nantes supporters gather after it was announced that the plane Argentinian forward Emiliano Sala was flying in vanished. Sala made little secret of his desire to reach the very top of his profession. After leaving home as a teenager, he was determined to repay the faith and support shown in him by his family.

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His move to Cardiff was the realization of a childhood dream to play in one of the world's biggest leagues and ease the burden on his parents. My dad was a van driver, we didn't have much coming in. That period drives me on. I have had to work so hard at every stage of my life," he told SoFoot in Other people in the town did not agree that a child could leave a village so young. Since I moved away, we have always spoken every day, about our hopes, worries and dreams. When his father, Horacio, was asked about his son's disappearance on Tuesday, understandably he was in a state of shock.

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He was very pleased," he said. READ: Hope begins to fade as search goes on for airplane. Yacine Bammou played with Sala at Nantes before joining Caen at the end of last season and in an emotional interview with French newspaper L'Equipe, the Moroccan international revealed he had spoken to his former teammate just 48 hours before he departed for Cardiff.

It is not yet official. We don't really know what's been going on.


It is really, really hard, even for my family and friends. He used to come to my house, he was like a brother. I called him this morning on WhatsApp. It still rang, because it's an app, but there was no response.