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Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America (Rowman & Littlefield Studies in…

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One thing I constantly find missing from the discussion about eBikes is what to do with the spent batteries.

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The battery packs are designed for a about charge cycles before they need to be replaced. Stick to regular bikes or modern high-efficiency gas scooters that get MPG, have low emissions, and a life cycle of 15 years. They can be reused as non-traction batteries and then recycled to recover those expensive metals. I have an add-on pedlac kit, Bionx. I love it and do almost all my transportational and recreational trips with it. But I doubt more than a few Americans will switch to bicycling, with or without assist, or even gasoline powered scooters.

The automobile is just too convenient and useful. We are too affluent and the car offers too much for it to be displaced by bicycling. I recently try to buy one for my son who is going to high school. I found the price relatively cheaper in China compare it here with almost same product. Because valumes are limited here and sellers have to make margin for what they sell.

If the market is here, the price of ebike could cut half. A nod to some earlier comments also about infrastructure and density, the mode splits for cycling are highest in more compact urban centres and erode as suburban design and land use patterns fill the roads with cars and trucks.

Gas prices alone will not shift behaviours if alternatives are not supported, and that includes safe and appealing infrastructure as well as mixed use community design that provides live, work and goods and services providers within walkable or cyclable distances.

The technology is ready and makes economic sense or it does not. Everything the government tries to manipulate generally ends in hardship and disaster for most people. I do believe that we need to invest heavily in research and developement of electric vehicles for the free market. I am an engineer and I know first hand the benefits of electric vehicles. The only problem, which you state in your article, is current battery storage and charging times.

Some of the newer battery technologies are aproaching the low end of usefullness for daily transportation. We are not there yet but we will be. The amount of time it takes depends on how many engineers are working on the problems. I can see the day when we will surpass the effectivness of gasoline in battery and electric vehicle technology. Those will be the days. Good series of articles. It looks like a scooter with pedals but does meet the governments requirements for an electric bike The pedals are useless by the way.

The range is about miles, and with only a 2. Before my e-bike I had ridden my regular bike to work a few times but since I wear a suit and tie sweating was an issue. My e-bike has storage under the seat and a cargo box on the back, which I replaced with a larger one.

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I can actually carry quite a bit of groceries. The manufaturer was supposed to be switching to a new nickle-zinc technology but the battery partner decided to put that off for a while. The decision to get an e-bike had nothing to do with inability to pedal manually and everything to do with green transportation. Aside from when you need to be sheilded from the weather, why do you need a vehicle designed to carry people in order to carry just one.

Hopefully this gives some of you who are curious about e-bikes some real world prospective.

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  • Sorry for being so long winded. Some cities however, can so penalize car use in urban areas, particularly during commute times such as London as already done to make bicycles, and electric two-wheel vehicles a major advantage. Others have posted about the need for charging stations and outlets that riders of electric two-wheelers can use.

    Having the ability to charge when running errands and at work allows the use of smaller and lighter batteries.

    Coupling this with the rapid improvements of various forms of Li-ion based batteries and other options such as zinc-air looming on the horizon, the penalty of riding a hybrid-electric bicycle is rapidly declining. The solution in large part is for municipalities to provide free parking and v outlets for two-wheel electrics. These vehicles take up minimal space and due to their small batteries, are not expensive to charge. I ride a Native Z scooter designed and imported by Electric Motorsports of Oakland, CA and enjoy the quiet and efficient ride, the only limitation is range and the need to find charging in convenient locations.

    Please keep it civil and constructive.

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    Our editors reserve the right to monitor inappropriate comments and personal attacks. This article is part of the series The Parable of the Electric Bike. The young policemen was quite an experience; on asking him if I could be sent off with just a warning, and put my helmet on he replied with what turned out to be his only english sentence: Do you by any chance know what is the limitation period for these kind of offenses?

    As a result, not only Boccaccio scholarship but also students and scholars of the literary environment of the tre corone will benefit greatly from this book. The Paget Toynbee Lectures. Nine lectures delivered between and are presented in this collection of the Paget Toynbee Lectures; four of these are here published for the first time. Regarding textual changes introduced by De Robertis, Leonardi points out sentences with a modern syntax and, vice-versa, syntagms whose meanings have precedents in Duecento poetry.

    He also discusses choices relating to three enduring debates. He dwells on sources such as Boethius, pseudo-Seneca, Ovid, Juvenal, Lucan, at times mediated by Brunetto or Boethius himself, through whom Dante renewed the concepts of nobility and generosity , This essay briefly outlines the initial diffusion of the poem with bibliography updated to to concentrate on metaphors variously elaborated by Dante, each time enriching them to complete their meaning. Distancing himself from Charles S. The use of important editions such as Brunetto Tresor, edited by P.

    Some inaccuracies also occur in the index of names. The book offers an overview of on contemporary Dante Studies from various countries, and it thus shows how different approaches, from Italy and from the Anglo-Saxon scholarship, can exchange results. Disreputable Bodies gives a refreshing perspective on these philosophical discourses. Simultaneously, however, matter is the active force behind the ever-changing couplings of the elements. Matter is akin to the sexually aroused woman who continually couples with a fervent desire.

    These thinkers arrive at such symbols not based on Aristotle alone, but on the interventions of other thinkers and traditions. The Neoplatonic tradition, Plotinus, Maimonides, and Thomas Aquinas are but some of the influences Kodera recognizes in postulating the association between matter and a sexually desirous woman or prostitute.