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At its center, Belfast I. In the mesmerizing negotiation that follows, Mack talks Collette into collaborating with British agents by spying on her own family in a vaguely defined plea bargain that might keep her out of prison so she can tend to her young child. The strength of that promise is continually tested in ensuing scenes, as Collette struggles to push against family ties and Mack battles his bureaucratic overlords in an attempt to keep his promise to Collette. Marsh, best known for his documentary work, ably taps into a believable world of hidden regrets and murky politics at the root of the Northern Ireland conflict. In the role of Mac, he turns the idea of a slick agent into something more credible, trading fancy gadgets and shaken martinis for taut negotiations and messy chase scenes. That same mentality has informed the Bond franchise since its inception, even though it exploits those same feelings.

Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Milo is a 10 year old boy, seriously ill with a genetic disorder which forces him to live under the strict supervision of his father.

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A missed kidnapping, an unusual friendship and a harsh confrontation will drive Milo and his parents to embrace their beautifully imperfect lives. Shadow Dancer , which had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and was screened Out of Competition in the 62nd Berlinale IFF, is set in Belfast in and tells the story of Colette McVeigh Andrea Riseborough , facing a painful choice: to serve a 25 year prison sentence away from her son, or become an undercover informant of the British Government, betraying her own family and their IRA militant ideals.

The film has just received its Italian premiere at the Torino Film Festival The actor Stuart Graham will introduce the screening.