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I am the outlier here. I never liked the concept of Lena Dunham as presented by media.

Or did you see what Zac Posen supposedly made to fit her? With friends like that, I can only conclude that la Dunham needs a reality check before anyone else tries to laud her as this amazing voice whose work transcends our petty divisions. And what, I wonder, does she think of all this?

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This is a great cover. I really like it. That being said, I am not a prude either. I have watched quite a few of the episodes and find them terribly offensive. If Lena Dunham is considered the voice of her generation, and the new queen of comedy, then I simply find that sad for her generation. She does not appear strong or cool to me a all! I watched two episodes but found it very superficial and frivolous. I agree with most of the comments here that The Vogue Cover looks so photo shopped that she looks like Rose Byrne.

I do not think she is a role model she is a voice and I admire her sense of business and the fact that she is very empowered. I do not think the show Girls can be that good as an example for young women though. But in the end, that would be putting too much responsibility in her shoulders. I think the show is always trying to show the audience, but that does not make it good or cool in anyway. Tsk tsk.

Read PDF Loving Lena - Keeping Pace

Lena is brilliant,and has obviously found her niche for now. I adore her normalcy,her humor that causes me to snort! I go watch girls. The expression. Quelle anti-heroine parfaite!

‘Supergirl’ season 5, episode 6 review

Go lena! I completely adore this cover. Her makeup is so stunning and the shirt and her expression. I looove girls! Mon amie, by the number of comments — lots of girls love LENA. What a great series and some fine writing indeed. Good on AW for getting Lena to do a cover; and how wonderful to see a girl who is not a sample size gracing that cover beautifully. I think real women are offended by the absurd photoshop work on this cover. Come on so silly. I started watching it because you guys were talking about it on the blog.

Un joli contraste.

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Mais non. Web Series. Wonder Woman. A few of my opinions have changed now, and I have a much deeper appreciation for both Lena and Katie McGrath, who really gave this episode her all. However, as incredibly important and necessary as this episode proved to be for Lena and Andrea, it did have a few enormous flaws, which took away from the quality because of messy, unorganized writing. Personally, the only thing worse in this episode than the plot holes were the wigs.

When she was arrested during Supergirl season 2, her arrest record stated that she was born in Despite Katie McGrath being about a decade older at the time, it was canon that Lena was only 24, meaning she had graduated high school and college at an advanced pace. Alas, she was written to be roughly 16, so now everything is all jumbled. How old is Lena? How old is Lex? Second, Lena and Kara became fast friends during Supergirl season 2, to my recollection. Certainly they were best friends well before the end of the season. Cat told Kara, when she returned for the final two episodes of the second season, that she was still finding out what her place in the world was.

These were the two biggest plot holes I picked up on during Supergirl season 5, episode 6, though I highly doubt they are the only two. Absolutely none of these shows can handle going back in time without screwing up what was previously considered canon. Andrea Rojas surprised me on Supergirl season 5, episode 6.

Who knows the impact this death could have on her, though I question the permanence. From the very start of unlocking her powers, Andrea has been manipulated by Leviathan; hell, Leviathan probably led Andrea to that cave in the first place, knowing she was destined to be their hitwoman. I mean, the reason Andrea even took on the curse of being Acrata in the first place was the save her father. As I have stated before, Lena is one of the most complex characters on television , and Supergirl season 5, episode 6 only cemented that.

The flashbacks tackle a few different sides to Lena and the relationships that support those. Not only did Kara betray her by keeping her identity as Supergirl from her, Andrea did something possibly far worse. The fact that Andrea was even on that trip with Lena was because she knew how much finding that symbol would have meant to Lena. Given everything she endured in her life before that moment, just to have her best friend follow the same emotionally destructive path as her family, that would have been enough to break Lena. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Damn, the moments with Kara and Lena on Supergirl season 5, episode 6 were a lot to process, especially after Lena decided to team up with Andrea and help her infiltrate the DEO. Her relationship with Kara has been the most noticeable instance of this. It kind of puts even more fault on Kara for keeping such a big secret from Lena for so many years. Lena moved to National City to help people, not to get a best friend, but Kara broke down her walls, and Lena let her in despite everything in her body screaming for her not to. Thus, her project was born.

She found someone who she could have made a real life and family with, but due to the choices Lex and Lillian made which cast a shadow over her, she opted to go a different path. No matter what Lex did, Lena tried to save him. She tried to save her brother from becoming the person he did, even though she knew it was hopeless.

PDF Loving Lena - Keeping Pace

I went everywhere for you I even did my hair for you I bought new underwear, they're blue And I wore 'em just the other day. Love, you know I'll fight for you I left on the porch light for you Whether you are sweet or cruel I'm gonna love you either way. Love, oh, love, I gotta tell you how I feel about you 'Cause I, oh, I can't go a minute without your love Like a satellite, I'm in orbit all the way around you And I would fall out into the night Can't go a minute without your love.

Love, I got it bad for you I saved the best I have for you Yoy sometimes make me sad and blue Wouldn't have it any other way.