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The art style was fairly classic- felt like the Hildebrants but more angular. While I have never read the book, I came across this in a google search, and I'm fairly certain it is the one you are looking for. Google search term was fantasy novel pantry bat duck. Wikipedia lists Lionel Fell as a pseudonym for Charles Grant. Gideon Sunday, an ex-semi-professional American Football player, goes to his pantry to retrieve an awful bottle of his dead sister's fruit preserves.

Charles L. Grant

When he gets there, he discovers a meadow in his pantry. He closes the door, takes a few breaths, and begins to investigate with as much sanity and candor as Sherlock Holmes. Upon discovering that A no one is playing a trick on him, B there really IS a meadow in his cupboard, and C there is something three-quarters of ugly coming out of it, he decides to beat a monster to death with a baseball bat.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Novel featuring a baseball bat and a talking duck Ask Question. What I know for certain: Main character was an adult man, sort of an everyman character in a fish-out-of-water situation. Might have been a football player, since I'm pretty sure he's described as fairly large.

The book begins with him opening either a pantry or a fridge and being attacked by a large monster that comes out. He fights the monster with a baseball bat, which I'm pretty sure he breaks. She convinces him to cross into her world to save it- typical hero stuff. I don't remember whether he is somehow chosen, or foretold, but it's likely. He crosses into the fantasy world, and it's fairly standard medieval stuff. Leather, swords, fair maidens, etc.

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He and the woman go to a town maybe located on a bridge? He asks a wizard or weapon-monger for a bat, and gets a response along the lines of "well I can't promise it will fly" There are "giant dwarves" Pretty sure there was some kind of evil overlord or encroaching dark power Here's the thing: the McGuffin was a talking duck.

Adele C Adele C 9, 6 6 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 79 79 bronze badges. Wikipedia lists Lionel Fell as a pseudonym for Charles Grant Point that doesn't match: Publication date of First paragraph of the synopsis on Amazon: Gideon Sunday, an ex-semi-professional American Football player, goes to his pantry to retrieve an awful bottle of his dead sister's fruit preserves. JohnP JohnP 16k 3 3 gold badges 64 64 silver badges bronze badges.

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Even if this isn't the answer, it sounds absolutely brilliant. F1Krazy - I know, right? Or are they? Laughter and screams float faintly on the wind. Echoes of the day's fairgoers--or cries of the damned, rising form Hell?

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At the carnival's core is the black carousel, whirling to a special rhythm th Paranormal investigator Ethan Proctor and his Black Oak Security team journey to the swampy woodlands northwest of Atlanta, Georgia, to look into a series of bizarre disappearances and brutal mutiliations that could be linked to a real-life wolfman.

But his vacation soon develops into something entirely different -- a web of murder, lies, and It is the time of the Millennium, of great battles between good and evil. The hoofbeats of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse herald the last days of Mankind. The four novels of the Millennium Quartet reveal the cataclysms that await mankind at t He is a careful man. Careful in what he says, careful in what he does. And very careful about which cases he takes. But when a le In Chariot, the Horseman assailing mankind is Plague. A mutated version of smallpox sweeps the famine-ridden world, and people drop dead in their tracks.

Only one place seems safe -- Las Vegas, Nevada. But Las Vegas is the current home of the Horsema Black Oak Security is a crack team of private investigators led by brilliant, enigmatic Ethan Proctor. He takes on cases that range from the normal to the unaccountably bizarre.

Now one of his people, Sloan Delan Crops whither in the fields. Fish float belly-up in rivers, lakes, and oceans. Orchards are barren. - مستندات Google

Cattle and sheep are dying on their feet. The world is slowly starving to death. Deep in the American heartland, a terrible family reunion is taking pl The Watchers of the Veil sned one of their own, the Silent Strider, into the hills of Tennessee as a series of brutal murders, leaving horribly dismembered bodies, terrorizes the region and the Watchers realize that a rogue Garou, member of a legenda When a preacher who has lost his faith suddenly discovers that he possesses the ability to heal and perform miracles, he becomes a reluctant participant in the battle against evil as he sets out to save a teenage girl and stop the occupants--who may But this one is particularly puzzling.

There's no pattern to the mutilated bodies that have been showing up in Albuquerque: both sexes, all races, ages, ethnic groups.

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There is no ev Opening the X-Files The agency maverick and the female agent assigned to keep him in line. Their job: investigate the eeriest unsolved mysteries in modern America, from pyro-psychics to death row demonics, from ram The pretty young woman whose car has broken down, signaling for help These are the jackals, hunters who follow the Turning horror and fantasy writers loose in a small town that is a natural--or unnatural--magnet for evil, the newest Greystone Bay collection includes stories by Craig Shaw Gardner, Elizabeth Engstrom, Nancy Holder, and many others.

A cozy motel and restaurant becomes a haven to nine people during a deep-winter blizzard, but when someone among them starts killing off the others, the remaining survivors must identify and eliminate a murderer. The kids sense that there's something different about Midnight Place -- an eerie sensation that won't go away … a terror that turns out to be all too real.

The Pack, a group of teenagers, gathers to mourn at the Starlite Diner. Eddie, their leader, is dead. The survivors are all outcasts from high school's usual cliques:Scott, who heard the scream the night Eddie died; Katie, who lives with her senile g As Brian Oakland and his friends prepare to perform their various "stunts" on Halloween, a man, twisted by years of isolation, sits in one of the houses in their neighborhood, contemplating revenge. Night in Oxrun Station From the dark porch of a lightless house the music rises, seeking those listeners desperate for love Four people are trapped by their innermost desir Josh Miller has a talent for finding things.

So far, the things people have asked him to find - antique tables, old movie posters - have been innocuous enough. And Andrea Montague, the daughter of a local writer, may be his most interesting find so f This stunning collection of novellas and short stories by masters of the macabre brings to fans and newcomers an unrelenting spell of horror and suspense. These are tales that strike beyond sheer terror, as their disturbing visions capture the dark r Fiery lights are seen in the the small town of Oxrun Station.

A series of strange murders, a group of odd, apparently possessed children terrorizing the adults of the town, all serve to make things interesting in the Chinese sense for toy store owne It was a warm evening in Oxrun Station.

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Perfect for a picnic If only they hadn't chosen to visit the orchard. That was the last lovely, memorable time. The first death could have been an accident.